Foothill Ecuador Program, June 29 to July 26, 2014 (four weeks) in Cayambe, Ecuador


Join us in the Ecuadorian Andes for an intensive fieldwork program. Discover with us the beauty of Ecuador as we continue our investigation of the living landscapes surrounding the Pre-Columbian fortresses of Pambamarca. Live with us and other project members high in the Northern Ecuadorian Andes. Work on all aspects of the research project, including anthropological research and community development activities.


This summer the Pambamarca Project will be running its eighth research campaign in the Andean Highlands of Ecuador.  For general information about this project please read the Project Overview and Project Resources sections linked at the bottom of this page.  You are also welcome to contact the Project Directors if you have questions (see names and contacts below).  If you have already signed up to join the project this summer be sure to read our Participant Information document for details about living and working in Pambamarca!




Dr. Samuel V. Connell (Foothill College) connell.samuel@gmail.com

Dr. Chad Gifford (Columbia University) chg7@columbia.edu

Dr. Kathryn Maurer (Foothill College) maurerkathryn@fhda.edu

Dr. Ted Neff (Museum of Northern Arizona) ltneff@gmail.com




Foothill College Fieldschool Program

Program Fee plus Tuition: See program website for details

Project participants have the opportunity to earn college credits through our Foothill College Fieldschool.  The focus of this program is on the experience of working and living in Ecuador; first, participants will learn about Ecuador’s ancient past through their work on the archaeological project; second, they will learn about Ecuador’s historical past by living and taking classes at a Colonial Period hacienda; and third they will learn about contemporary Ecuador through the project’s Service Learning program.  This program runs for four weeks and the cost varies depending on whether you are a California resident, US resident, or an International Student.  To register for this program please follow the instructions located on the Foothill College website.  If you have questions or need more information please contact Sam Connell at connell.samuel@gmail.com. 


Project Staff, Volunteers, and Visitors

If you are interested in participating on our staff as an experienced fieldworker or visiting the project please contact Chad Gifford at (chg7@columbia.edu) to see if special arrangements can be made. (AIA/AFOB)




Project Overview

Introduction to the research that is being conducted by the project members in Pambamarca.


Participant Information        

Participant Information Package, which provides a full description of the living and working conditions on the project.  It also provides information about what you can expect from your experience as well as lists of items you should consider bringing with you to Ecuador.


Project Resources                

Facebook pages, data files, photos, blogs, links, etc.